Friday, April 24, 2009

1. When Andy Warhol was in third grade he developed St. Vitus' disease, which is a disease of the nervous system. Andy had to stay home because of his disease and started to draw and collect pictures of his favorite movie stars. After high school Andy went to Carnegie Institute of Technology and studied commercial arts. Then in 1949 he moved to New York city and started his career in magazine advertising. Throughout Andy's career his pictures were known as pop art. In the 1960's he had his first one-man gallery exhibition as a fine artist and it was hosted at the Stable Gallery. In 1987 Andy was recovering from gallbladder surgery and the doctors said he was doing good. The unexpectedly Andy passed away in his sleep February 22 that same year due to a sudden post- operative cardiac Arrhythmia. Andy Warhol will always be remembered for his work in advertising.
2. Andy Warhol photographed Marilyn Manroe, Troy Donahue, and Elizabeth Taylor. Two famous things that Andy photographed were the Campbell soup can and the coca-cola bottle.

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