Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The disco ball show pattern and rhythm. It shows pattern because it projects squares all over the walls when the light is on it. It also shows rhythm because the squares feel like they keep moving as the light moves on the disco ball.

This painting shows contrast because of the different parts of the picture. On the left there are small skinning lines. Then there is a rectangle of gray. Finally on the right there are bold and bright squares. Then on top there is a big black branch. There are many parts of the picture that contrast each other.

This painting shows emphasis because your eyes go straight to the pears. Also The rest of the painting is very soft so that is why the emphases goes to the pears.

This painting shows balance because the vases complement each other. It also feels balanced because there is stuff going on in the whole picture, not in just one area.

this painting shows variety using different textures. In the picture the apple is really bright and appears to be smoother. The water in this picture looks wavy and seems that it would feel bumpy.

This image shows unity because all of the trees are standing together. At the top of the painting it looks like the trees blend together. To me that is unity because they come together and look as one.

This shows movement because when you look at the picture it makes you feel like you are moving. Another way is when you look at the picture at the top the parts of the picture are smaller to make it feel like the picture goes on forever.

The marbles represent form because they are 3D and you are able to see the form of the shape. Also the reflection of the marbles help visualize the 3D effect.

This drawing represents value because of the shading that is used. the shading gives emphasis in some of the parts in the drawing. For example the background is dark so the main part of the picture pops out.

This sculpture shows space because there is open area in it. The space that is in it gives it depth and makes it look like it is floating.

This shows the element of shape. the photo is made up of diffentent shapes layered on top of eachother.

Monday, March 30, 2009

This show the element of color because it has a lot of different colors in it. Also the colors flow and complement each other.

This picture shows the element of line because the whole picture is made up of different lines coming together. It is also very fluid and looks never ending like a line.

This is a picture of bark on a cottonwood tree. This shows texture because there is positive and negative space in the picture. Another way it shows texture is that you can see grooves in the bark.