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Edward Weston

1.Edward Weston got his first camera for his 16th birthday. A year later he showed off his photos at the Chicago Institute. In 1906 he moved to California to start his photographic career. Then in 1910 Weston opened a photographic studio in Tropico California. Edward also wrote for magazines with his partner Tina Modotti. In the 1930's he started to use large format cameras. This made the photos appear sharper. In 1937 Edward Weston was the first photographer to get a fellowship. Weston took his last picture at Point Lobos State. Weston had parkinson's disease and passed away in 1958. By the end of his career his published two books and created some colored photos.

2.Some of Edward Weston's famous photos were "Peppers #30," "Dunes Oceano," and "Nude, 1936." His photographic style was very soft and calm. He took photos of the human figure and nature.

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Ansel Adams

1.From an early age Ansel Adams and his father shared the same interest in nature. When Ansel was 14 his father gave him his first camera. He used his camera to take pictures at Yosemite National Park. That winter he worked part time for a San Francisco photo finisher where he learned how to develop pictures in a dark room. Ansel joined the Sierra Club which was to preserve the natural world. his first photographs were published in 1921. Then in 1927 Adams contracted for his first portfolio and earned 3,900 dollars from it. That is when his photographic career took off. Ansel had his first solo museum exhibition in 1931 at the Smithsonian Institution. Throughout his career his wrote a couple books. Ansel Adams passed away in 1984 from heart failure due to cancer. He had a great career and his paintings are worth over 500,000 dollars each today.
2. Some of Ansel's famous pictures were "clearing the winter storm," "Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico," and "Ice on Ellery Lake, Sierra Nevada." Adams photographic style was natural pictures that show different parts of the world.

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